Scheduled Nets

North West Fusion Group are pleased to host the following regular Scheduled Nets.

The Squirrel Net – Daily @ 07:00 (UK Time)

Chaired by Linda G0YLM, join the squirrels for friendly light hearted (often amusing) discussion, frivolity and other general nonsense every single day of the year. Will you be the next to receive the coveted “Golden Acorn”?
Squirrel Net Facebook Group


Sue’s Net – Tuesday @ 19:30 (UK Time)

Sue’s Net is a happy place. Escape from the downside of life for 90 minutes and beyond with Sue, G1OHH who hosts the net in Glorious Voice Wide audio every Tuesday night at 19.30hrs UK time on the North West Fusion Group network.

For more information please visit – Suesnet


The Bay Net – Wednesday @ 19:30 (UK Time)

Join Brian G0RDH every Wednesday evening at 19:30GMT. All are welcome.


Fusion International Net – Friday @ 16:00 (UK Time)
Join our friends in Kansas City Fusion. Hosted by our own Ian, G0VGS on Yaesu Wires-X room 28054 (AMERICA-KC-WIDE).

The Fusion International Net is now linked to the main group and is available on all our repeaters and gateways without having to move them.