Frequency List

We’ve included a frequency list of all the repeaters and gateways normally connected to North West Allstar Group. Please click the callsign for more details.


GB3MO – Morecambe
Output: 438.3875MHz
RX: 430.78750MHz
Offset: -7.6MHz Please note the minus offset
CTCSS: 110.9Hz

GB3RO – Haslingden
Output: 430.825MHz
RX: 438.4250MHz
Offset: +7.6MHz
CTCSS: 82.5Hz

GB7SJ – Northwich
Output: 433.1750MHz
RX: 434.7750MHz
Offset: +1.6MHz
CTCSS: 103.5Hz

GB3RF – Accrington
Output: 145.7750MHz
RX: 145.1750MHz
Offset: +0.6MHz
CTCSS: 82.5Hz

GB3RX – Prescot
Output: 430.8125MHz
RX: 4384125MHz
Offset: +7.6MHz
CTCSS: 77.0Hz

Simplex Gateways:

MB7IBL – Burnley
144.9000MHz 103.5Hz

MB7IDC – Mold
145.2375MHz 110.9Hz

MB7IFD – Fleetwood
144.9125MHz 82.5Hz

MB7ILV – Liverpool
145.2125Mhz 94.8Hz

MB7IMB – Morecambe
145.2375Mhz 110.9Hz