GB7LA will be live in July 2020.

It is positioned South of Lancaster near the M6 just outside the town of Galgate.

It has been positioned to give good M6 coverage between Preston and Bailrigg Hill on the M6.

GB7LA will also provide coverage for South Fylde, Northern Preston, and Southern parts of Blackpool. It will also cover the Cockerham area where coverage is currently patchy up to the Southern approach to Lancaster City on the A6 and A588.

GB7LA will be permanently linked to Reflector FCS00428.

The repeater keeper is Douggie, G7CDA.

The repeater will be on 70cms, DVU38

Output frequency: 439.4750 MHz

Input frequency: 430.4750MHz

Douggie can be contacted at NWFG(at)