GB7DZ is a Congleton (Mow Cop) based C4FM (Fusion) and analogue FM repeater which is operational on RB02.

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop: M0XDR

The repeater provides fantastic coverage of practically the whole of Cheshire and South Lancashire due to its location at over 1000ft ASL. Stations have been known to access the repeater from as far north as Blackpool and as far south as Wolverhampton. The M6 corridor is covered from J15 until around J27, however there is a slight black-spot just north of Thelwall viaduct J21A. North of Charnock Richard, you may switch to MB6FR or GB3RF.

FM mode is also supported which facilitates local repeat only. This is a service intended for locals that prefer to use an unlinked repeater. If you have an analogue only radio, you should set tone squelch (T-SQL) to ensure you don’t hear digital transmissions. If you have a Fusion capable radio, you can use the AMS feature so you don’t miss out on local QSOs.

Between 7pm and 9pm, the repeater is disconnected from the NWFG to encourage local QSO on FM, except on Tuesdays where it will be connected to Sues Net. Alternative access to NWFG is available by GB7DH between these hours.

GB7DZ – Congleton
Output frequency: 433.0500 MHz  
RX Frequency: 434.6500 MHz (+1.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 103.5 Hz

Normally connected to Wires-X room 41755 (NWFG) except between 7pm and 9pm.


The equipment is as follows:

  • Yaesu DR-1XE repeater in AMS mode
  • Diamond X-50N antenna @ 5 meters above the ground
  • Messi and Paoloni Hyperflex 10 coax feeder
  • 7 cavities to provide BPR and 140dB of isolation

Mobile Station Coverage Prediction

GB7DZ coverage mobile