GB7DH Part of NWFG


GB7DH is a Northwich based dual-mode Fusion repeater and is operational on RU71.

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop: M0XDR

The repeater provides Wires-X connectivity and extends the Northwest Fusion Group’s coverage further south towards Knutsford, Northwich, Winsford, Congleton and Stoke On Trent. To the west of Northwich, coverage is good until Runcorn and Kelsall bank.

Band: 70CM
Output frequency: 439.5875 MHz  
RX Frequency: 430.5875 MHz (-9 MHz)

Normally connected to Wires-X room 41755 (FCS00428)

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The repeater can be connected to other systems, e.g. HUBNet, CQ UK etc by using the Wires-X menu on Yaesu Fusion radios. It will return to the North West Fusion Group after a period of inactivity. Please don’t move the repeater if it is currently in use. Also, importantly, if you move the repeater – make a call!

Furthermore, the C4FM Voice Wide (Victor Whiskey) full rate mode is supported.

GB7YZ is slaved to GB7DH as master so access to Wires-X is possible through both repeaters.

Live Stream

Click here to listen live!

Click here to listen to the GB7DH repeater live stream!


Alternatively, you can view system activity via the following dashboard link:

Repeater Dashboard

Click here to launch the repeater dashboard


The equipment is as follows:

  • Yaesu DR-1XE repeater with firmware 1.10Q
  • Yaesu HRI-200 for Wires-X connectivity
  • Diamond X-300N antenna @ 8 meters above the ground
  • Messi and Paoloni Hyperflex 10 coax feeder
  • Bedeo Berkenhoff and Drebes M17/75-RG214 interconnects
  • Celwave / EMR Corp 526-4-1 Duplexer (>120dB isolation between TX and RX)

Duplexer Testing

Celwave 526-4-1 GB7DH

Mobile Station Coverage Prediction

Click here for a larger more detailed coverage prediction map