GB7AN is located just North of Accrington, the NOV holder is Neil Mooney M0NFI. The repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X connected to a HRI-200 interface and a Windows 10 PC to give full Yaesu Wires-X connectivity. The repeater can be moved to any Wires-X room by users and will return home to The North West Fusion Group room 41755 after a period of inactivity.

If users want a local only QSO please connect to the local room GB7AN-ROOM 88570. This will allow local users to chat without their QSO going over the network to many other repeaters.

If a user moves the repeater to another room and has finished their QSO please disconnect the repeater from the room so it will return to its default room.

The GB7AN Repeater status page shows which room the repeater is connected to and how many nodes are in that room.

GB7AN – Accrington
NOV holder: M0NFI
Output Frequency: 439.4625 MHz
RX Frequency: 430.4625 MHz
Offset: -9.0MHz
ERP: 10dBW

Mobile Station Coverage Prediction