Frequency List

We’ve included a frequency list of all the repeaters and gateways normally connected to North West Fusion Group.


GB7AN – Accrington
Output: 439.4625MHz
RX: 430.4625MHz
Offset: -9.0MHz

GB7MB – Morecambe
Output: 439.7000MHz
Rx: 430.7000MHz
Offset: -9.0 MHz

GB7DZ – Mow Cop (AMS enabled)
Output: 433.050MHz
Rx: 434.650MHz
Offset: +1.6MHz
CTCSS: 103.5 Hz

GB7YZ – Mold
Output: 439.47500MHZ
Rx: 430.47500MHZ
Offset: -9.0 MHz

GB7DH – Northwich
Output: 439.5875MHz
Rx: 430.5875MHz
Offset: -9MHz

GB7RO – Haslingden
Output: 430.2625MHZ
Rx: 439.2625MHZ
Offset: +9.0 MHz

GB7WM – Astley
Output: 439.6875MHz
Rx: 430.6875MHz
Offset: -9.0MHz

GB7WH – Wrexham (AMS enabled)
Output: 439.375MHz
Rx: 430.375MHz
Offset: -9.0 MHz
CTCSS: 110.9 Hz

GB7FD – Fleetwood
Output: 439.7250MHz
Rx: 430.7250MHz
Offset: -9.0 MHz

GB7FO – Blackpool
Output: 439.2750MHz
Rx: 430.275MHz
Offset: -9.0 MHz

GB3MY – Atherton
Output: 433.2750MHz
RX: 434.8750MHz
Offset: +1.6 MHz

GB3UO – Wrexham
Output: 430.9500MHz
RX: 438.5500MHz
Offset: +7.6 MHz

Simplex Gateways:

MB6AN (144.8250MHz) Annan
MB6IBN (431.1125MHz) Bolton
MB6IMK (433.6625MHz) Milton Keynes
MB6NY (144.8500MHz) Easingwold, York
MB6RK (144.8125MHz) Belfast
MB6RO (144.8875MHz) Haslingden
MB6SW (144.8375MHz) Kings Lynn
MB6TS (144.8250MHz) Deepcar, Sheffield
MB6IMF (431.1125MHz) Fochabers
MB6ITT (431.1375MHz) Thorne
MB6IOK (433.6375MHz) Ormskirk
MB6ISV (431.1375MHz) Frodsham